Our Next Giant Leap

Purdue University is taking the next giant leap in preparing healthcare professionals in Indiana through the Nursing and Pharmacy Education Building. The collaborative space will support transformative nursing and pharmacy education that prepares graduates to be leaders in practice across general and specialized clinical settings. The new building will celebrate the unique identities of Purdue’s nursing and pharmacy programs while showcasing the university’s leadership role in healthcare in the state of Indiana.

The Nursing and Pharmacy Education Building is the highest-priority capital project for both the College of Pharmacy and the College of Health and Human Sciences (HHS), which houses the School of Nursing. The building will be home to the School of Nursing, the Department of Pharmacy Practice and the College of Pharmacy’s administration. It will be located at the corner of State and Russell streets, near other health and life sciences units on campus.

For more than 135 years, College of Pharmacy graduates have been recognized leaders in the profession and science of pharmacy. School of Nursing graduates leave Purdue with unique systems of knowledge and skills built from interprofessional experiential learning provided within Purdue’s rich engineering and health sciences environments. Our pharmacy and nursing graduates are highly sought at both state and national levels because of their unique skill sets, often securing highly competitive residencies, leadership positions and change-agent roles.