Deans’ Message

Dear Alumni and Friends,

The Nursing and Pharmacy Education Building will support transformative nursing and pharmacy education programs and progress our mission, vision and strategic approach to meet the evolving needs of healthcare.

Purdue nursing and pharmacy students will benefit greatly from the building’s highly synergetic design. From clinical education facilities to classrooms outfitted for innovative teaching to an interdisciplinary simulation center designed to create versatile simulations, our students will collaborate and learn alongside each other and faculty throughout the building. The new space will accommodate interprofessional education and greater research opportunities for two outstanding programs that have doubled in size in recent years.

It is paramount our students are prepared to adapt to the changes ahead, serving as leaders in healthcare and pharmaceutical settings for generations to come. The role of the professional nurse has evolved over the past two decades with professional nurses now prepared to meet the changes and challenges of healthcare by providing leadership, clinical expertise and care to patients, families, communities and populations. The role of the pharmacist is rapidly changing due to advances in science and technology. Pharmacists will become central to the delivery of patient care in a broad range of practice settings. Community pharmacies will expand point-of-care testing for diagnosis and monitoring of a variety of diseases, making the pharmacy a hub for primary healthcare.

Now is the time for us to advance a workforce of well-trained nurses and pharmacists. Both in Indiana and the United States, there is a tremendous need for highly skilled nurses and pharmacists. The COVID-19 pandemic put an immense strain on healthcare resources, driving the need for healthcare professionals to an all-time high. Indiana pharmacies are facing staffing shortages, forcing some to reduce hours or temporarily close. Indiana has nearly 4,300 job openings for nurses and is projected to need an additional 5,000 nurses by 2031. To meet this demand, the state would need to graduate 1,300 additional nurses per year through 2030.

Investments in Purdue’s nursing and pharmacy programs are significant to adequately addressing Indiana’s and our country’s growing healthcare needs. With your support, we will continue to make giant leaps for the betterment of human health.

Hail Purdue!

Eric L. Barker
Jeannie and Jim Chaney Dean of Pharmacy
College of Pharmacy

Aaron Bowman
Interim Dean
College of Health and Human Sciences

Dean Barker
Eric L. Barker, Jeannie and Jim Chaney Dean of Pharmacy
Aaron Bowman
Aaron Bowman, Interim Dean
College of Health and Human Sciences